A new beginning…

Recently a dear friend lost his family home to Hurricane Harvey. Understandably he and his family are devastated. His home was razed to the ground today.

A quote came to mind.

Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation.

– Elizabeth Gilbert

Times of transition are by their nature difficult. Divorce, death, imprisonment; when the things lost were not of our choosing, the transition period can be even more agonizing.

There are two things, I find, that soothe the sting of loss. The fact that the memories of a place and the people in it are indelible. While they may fade with time, or be lost to illness or disease, they are also stored in the heart which is impervious to both.

The second is, as Ms. Gilbert reminds us, that ruin creates opportunity. The opportunity of transformation. New beauty can now be created that was impossible before. While ruin may not have been your choice, what you do with the opportunity is. Choose well.


2 responses to “A new beginning…”

    • I agree. I think that tribulation is the work necessary for your soul to grow and expand. To strengthen it for a life lived well and honestly.


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