Heaven on Earth

My sister’s favorite place on Earth is New York City.  She says she feels the most herself there, in that place.  The energy and vibe of the place, especially the theater district, calls like a siren to her blood, to her soul.  Then she asked me where mine was.  And I was at a loss for an answer.  So I’ve been spending some time thinking about it.

And here’s the answer, The Lake District, in England.  Its a place where I can breathe easier, think clearer, find a stillness that’s elusive to me anywhere else.  It makes me content in a very singular way, as if a part of my heart stays there and the rest of me yearns for that missing piece.  Always.

I imagine this is what Heaven looks and feels like.  I think it looks differently for everyone.  If God could create such diversity as the planet on which we live, I am sure he can create a heaven for each and every one of his creatures.  And then in his mercy he graces us with one place on earth we can visit, be still, and know.

So I ask you, where’s yours?

One response to “Heaven on Earth”

  1. Any clean (clean enough to sit in) shower with warm running water. (I realized that if the water wasn’t running then technically it wouldn’t be a shower)

    I qualified twice that the situation needs to be clean because I’ve encountered many showers throughout the world that did not satisfy this requirement.

    For a moment I thought that I might also need the shower to be private… but I’m not actually certain that that’s true…


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