The restorative effects of tea

There’s something about a perfectly brewed cup of tea that creates a pause unlike any other in my life.  Coffee is all about go, go, go! While tea, just invites you to pause, rest and reflect.  Someday, when I own a house of my own, one of my dreams is to create a nook, tucked away, somewhere with lots of natural light and soft, warm blankets.  I am a unrepentant lover of textiles.

For a very long time, I’d choose a book, a cup of tea and a warm afghan over almost anything and anyone.

And then, out of the blue, something rare and wonderful happened.  I met a person who, inexplicably, I can sit and read with.  Who has a quiet energy that doesn’t disturb the carefully cultivated peace of my reading space.  Suddenly what had always been a solo activity has become a shared one.  At first, I was wary.  But I have found there’s a warm and gentle peace in the sharing of this activity with the right person.

Louise Penny writes of, “a quiet place in the sunshine”.  It’s a place that she has been seeking all her life.  Somewhere, where she can just, be, quiet, content, whole.

Imagine my surprise when I found it wasn’t, as I assumed, in a place, but in a person.


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