Recently my mother sent me an article about the on going renovation of Aurora, NY by American Girl creator, Pleasant Rowland.  Like Pleasant, the year I spent attending Wells College was life changing.  The picturesque town hearkens back to a different era.  A time when the pace of life was slower and women still dressed for dinner.

Ms. Rowland has spent considerable time and resources repairing the town’s infrastructure, renovating different buildings, creating new ones, even saving failing businesses.  All of this adds to the draw of this tiny bucolic town to national and even international tourism (they’ve recently been mentioned in such august publications as Condé Nast Traveler and Architectural Digest).

However, there are some who disagree with the changes.  And I can understand why.  One woman’s vision for this town I am sure cannot encapsulate the tastes of the many who live there year round.   And I’m sure there are many who liked the town as it was.  Without the shiny new gloss of corporate America, even just one woman’s corporate America.

I have many, many fond memories of this town.  This summer, I plan on visiting after an absence of more than two decades.  I am curious how I will react to the “new Aurora”.  Will I enjoy the new businesses and luxuriate in the many choices the Inn’s of Aurora have to offer?  Or will I miss the cracked sidewalks and old town feel of the old Main Street.

One thing is for sure, change is inevitable.  Perhaps the nostalgia of my Aurora and the enjoyment of the new Aurora can co-exist.  We’ll have to see.


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