To pillow or not to pillow

Recently my boyfriend and I were having a serious and in-depth discussion (because we don’t discuss anything any other way really) of the massive amounts of throw pillows on my bed.  While we were making it, he actually pulled up the blankets, placed ONE pillow at the head and considered himself done.  Stating that the rest of the pillows were unnecessary and he that had helped with what you actually needed to sleep.

Before you pass too harsh a judgement on his housekeeping skills, keep in mind, he can fix literally anything that breaks in my house.  Technically, he could rebuild my house, So there is that.

Lately I’ve been thinking about the transition from being single to being in a committed relationship.  There are so many different adjustments that have to be made.  From scheduling, to how much time you expect to spend together, to who pays for shared entertainment and dining, and those are just the major ones, off the top of my head.

But what’s really captured my attention are the smaller ones.  How well do you sleep when this person is beside you?  Do you wake rested?  Or do you feel self conscious about how you look, or sound?  Those details, I believe, are the telling ones.  The deeply internal signposts that tell you whether you can begin to ponder some serious life altering changes that include this person.

In school they teach you math, science, social studies, all good things.  But what they don’t teach you how to choose a life partner.  What they don’t teach you is how to listen to your gut when it tells you that something is wrong with the relationship you’re in. Those skills are just as important.   So I encourage you to speak about this topic, with your daughters, with your sons, with anyone.  Maybe we can begin to teach, what I never learned, or learned too late.  But as they say, better late than never.

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