The art of compromise

A few nights ago I was planning dinner.  Like millions of women (and I’m sure a few men) all over the United States.  And like the aforementioned women (and a few men), I am sure the conversation we had, was similar, if not identical, with ones taking place simultaneously all over the country.  It went like this:

Me: Chili for dinner?

Him: Sure!

Him: I’m walking around Wegman’s…

Me: Hey!  Get the stuff for chili:  ground beef, black beans, crushed tomatoes.

Him: How about turkey chili?

Me: Sure! Let me find a recipe for that.  Hold on, don’t leave Wegman’s in case we need something else…

Me: Here’s what we need:


Him: What the…???  I’m getting meat, beans and crushed tomatoes.

Me: It needs the peppers, at the very least.  And the scallions.  Turkey is very bland.

Him: I changed my mind. I want lamb chili.

I am sure women (and a few men) all over the U.S. can relate.  The art of compromise is a very important skill in any relationship.  It is however, essential in your romantic ones.

The merging of two independent adults into a functioning household is a complex and nuanced endeavor.  It takes nerves of steel, an fine grasp of debate principals, and patience,  lots and lots of patience.

Relationships take work.  Most things worth having do.  You’ll notice I didn’t say “hard” work.  And this is key.  When you’re in the right relationship, with the right person, the work becomes, effortless.

I once told him, that loving him would be nothing but a joyful giving.  That feeling, is rare, it’s elusive, but it’s worth waiting for.

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