Death and taxes

I filed my taxes the other night.  And as I was cursing the W2 gods at their fickleness, I was, at the same time, thinking of all the other souls doing the exactly same thing, possibly at the exact same time, and that thought gave me comfort.

There is comfort in knowing you are not alone.  We are creatures of interaction.  Humans are hard wired to communicate.  Eons ago, our survival depended on it.  Today, it is just as essential, just not quite as direly so.

I am essentially a solitary person. I greatly enjoy my own company and crave that time to recharge and refocus my energy. But as much as I enjoy my alone time I find I need interaction as well.

Most people drain my energy. After spending time with them I feel exhausted and spent. However there are a few that embody a quiet and restful energy. Those souls are rare. You’ll notice other people are drawn to them as well. Spending time with them feels like sipping an ice cold lemonade on a sweltering day, but for your soul.

So I’ll spend my time, reading and writing in happy solitude. And every once in a while I’ll venture out and meander around saying hello to everyone before hibernating once again. Make sure to wave if you see me.

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