Eucalyptus Mint

A few months ago my boyfriend replaced the hand soap in his bathroom with one scented with Eucalyptus Mint.  I am sensitive to many fragrances.  I have a very hard time finding perfume I can wear successfully.  I have one of two issues.  First, I just don’t like it.  I don’t like anything heavily scented.  I don’t like vanilla (too sweet), I don’t like patchouli (too weed like), I don’t like anything with musk (too unwashed?).  Second, many scents give me an excruciating headache.  I could never work in Yankee Candle.  Just thinking of Yankee Candle starts the pain behind my left eye.

However, I unknowingly washed my hands using the new soap and this wonderfully, woodsy, citrus-y, clean scent floated up to greet me.  It reminded me of a sun drenched herb garden, bordered by a shaded forest, maybe a bunny hopped by as well.  Certainly some deer.

Yes, all this from handsoap.  So imagine my dismay when the soap ran out, and my boyfriend refilled it with plain, old Dial.  Which he bought at the same time in the economy size.  Now, I have nothing against Dial.  It does an adequate job.  But Eucalyptus Mint it is not.

I am thinking of conveniently, relocating the Dial downstairs to the kitchen….

2 responses to “Eucalyptus Mint”

  1. Oh, when you said spring water I kept thinking you were talking about the ingredients in all hand soap. Making the remark that it’s all the same….oops. I guess even when speaking there’s miscommunication.


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