A quiet place…maybe not

Recently I was at the movies.  We were seeing “A Quiet Place”.  If you’re unfamiliar, the major plot point is that human beings must live silently for fear of being eaten by vicious beasts who have augmented hearing but no vision.  We can discuss the thematic implications of that idea in a later post.

It was a Tuesday evening (half priced tickets and concessions), we’re nothing, if not budget conscious.  I thought we were part of only a handful of people in attendance.  The film starts, and all of a sudden, a disembodied voice floats up, chanting the word, “quiet”.  At first I thought it was part of the film.  But I, (really my boyfriend), noticed that seated at the very front of the theater were some adults who were, disabled.

Now, the irony of the situation didn’t pass me by.  The film is after all about, silence.  But after a chuckle, I thought how nice for the caretakers to provide an outing for them.  And how nice for those in attendance to let them.  No one complained.  Although they had every right to, as the chanting lasted the entire length of the film, with only a few minutes of respite.

There are times I am proud of the collective kindness of the human race.  That evening was one of those times.  And I am thrilled I was fortunate enough to play a very small part in it.  Even if my part, was to do, nothing.

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