For the love of macaron

BlueEyedBaker.jpgThis past weekend, my sister, my boyfriend and I went to Knox Farms out in East Aurora.  We went because we are all fans of a bakery called The Blue Eyed Baker.  They make the most amazing french style macarons.

I fell in love with these confections when I was in London a dozen years ago now.  They were provided as a complimentary dessert after a wonderful luncheon at Wilton’s in St. James Place.

French macaron are NOT the same as American macaroons which are made with coconut.  French macarons are light, airy confections, made with almond flour and delicately flavored with seasonal delights such as rose, and lavender.  Although my favorite at the moment is lemon.

The Blue Eyed Baker does not have a store front.  Much to my dismay.  So we are constantly watching (maybe stalking would be more accurate) their website to find out where they will be next.  Hence, our impromptu visit to Knox Farms where they were registered as a vendor at their Art Show.

The weather did not cooperate.  It was raining, grey and cold.  So imagine our pleasure when the poor volunteer told us we would have to hike in or take the buses from 2 miles away where attendees could park.  We tried to explain to the gentleman that we were not really there for the Art Show we just wanted to buy some cookies.  Apologetically, he told us that did not matter.

After a very wet hike, getting slightly lost, being redirected by a lovely couple and finding the farmhouse where they were located, we were then told we would have to pay $5 admission fee for the show.  Explanation commences, again, apologetically, that did not matter.


So my sister pays the $5 and goes upstairs to make our purchases while my boyfriend and I wait downstairs listening to the semi-funny jokes of the volunteer tasked with opening the door for guests.

We later find out she paid $20 admissions since the volunteer never gave her back her change….

All of this for the goodness that is the french macaron.  And knowing all of this, I know we’d do it again, because they are just that good.

Disclaimer:  I am not in any way affiliated with or being compensated by the Blue Eyed Baker.

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