New beginnings…

My sister and her husband lived for many years in Annapolis, MD. She recently told me that she and her husband were thinking of returning.  She asked me if I thought I’d come with them.

I have to admit the question caught me off guard. I’ve just moved back to Buffalo. I have a job I enjoy and a new relationship I think may be the start of something very special. There’s so many reasons to stay.

But Annapolis…

There’s something about that city that I have always loved. In a time of my life that was very difficult, Annapolis was an oasis of emotional calm. There were long summer evenings filled with grilled food and summer salads, strolling the pier, watching the boats in the harbor at sunset, enjoying the fresh seafood overlooking the bay.

Then again, maybe the reason Annapolis was so special was that my sister was there.

And so it seems another transition is on the horizon and some decisions will need to be made. Where shall I go? And with whom?

In my heart it feels like a more significant decision than just a move. And I’ve come to realize that it is. The balance of my life will play out from this decision and and the significance of that weighs heavy on my mind.

Still, I loathe being frozen in indecision. Nothing good comes from that. In my heart the decision is already made and I feel certain it’s the right one. And so it seems, it is the time for new beginnings.

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