AlixKimWeddingMy boyfriend and I attended a wedding this past weekend.  It was absolutely freezing.  The wedding was outside.  Even with the inclement weather everyone had a wonderful time.  It was an invigorating experience.  The love between the bride and groom was palpable and the good wishes of their family and friends evident in every smile and laugh even as we all endured the rain and cold.

The bride and groom were college friends of my boyfriend.  I had never met any of them before.  What could have been a sodden, freezing and awkward day was made endurable, even enjoyable, by the warmth and friendliness of their welcome.  I enjoyed listening to the stories of how they all met, and the escapades they all got into during their college days.  I enjoyed seeing my boyfriend through the lens of their longer relationships with him.

My first marriage was not a good one.  For many years I was resolute in my opinion that I would never remarry.  I just couldn’t imagine a person who could inspire me to want to risk that kind of misery and hell again.  I couldn’t help but compare my experience to the beauty and shine of this new beginning.  I hope they enjoy many years of companionship, partnership and love.  I hope that many years from now they will be celebrating a milestone anniversary surrounded by their children and loved ones.

I’ve been to weddings where the emotional temperature of the guests belied the happiness of the wedding couple.  Mine was such a wedding.  My family and friends were there to support me, not us.  This was not the case here.  The overwhelming and enthusiastic celebration of this particular couple was a joy to behold.  May the love and blessings wished for them today, be experienced by them in the many years to come.

3 responses to “Weddings”

  1. Looks like it was raining. Okay I looked it up, and rain on a wedding day is ironically often considered good luck, from a few different interpretations. I read one that supposedly is born out of Hindu tradition which says that “tying the knot” in rain means the marriage will be stronger because wet knots are stronger than dry knots.

    This is a stupid, dumb, silly superstition. …but part of me can’t get over how nerdy and clever that is.

    Like any interpretive superstition though, it can go both ways. Some say the rain represents the last tears that the bride will ever shed, others say they represent all the tears that the bride will shed.


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