Another road, another choice

Lately I’ve been thinking on the nature of choices. How our lives are made up of a hundred tiny choices that slowly add up over the course of as many days to ever so slowly create the life we’re living.

Often we don’t even realize the impact our tiny choices have over something as mammoth as a life. But isn’t that the nature of things? What seems unknowable and indefinable is really just a series of simple moments sometimes so unremarkable as to be dismissed from memory.

Sometimes in the small hours of the night I ponder these moments. There are a few I’ve been aware enough to realize the crossroads they offered. I have a fascination with them. I dissect them and enjoy wondering how differently my life may have turned out had I chosen differently.

Perhaps we all do this. Perhaps this is just a way to daydream about possibilities, even those long past. I wonder if I’m the same girl who years ago gave a boy she liked the wrong phone number by mistake.

Inevitably my focus moves from the past to the future. And the choices I’m making even in this moment. The choices that will shape my future. And I wonder, many years from now, will I think myself wise or foolish.

One response to “Another road, another choice”

  1. I know what you mean, it is like the butterfly effect times a million every single day. Every choice you make, every action you take has a different consequence. All anyone can do is live life the way they choose and that can affect many other peoples lives for better or for worse.


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