The importance of creativity

We live such busy lives.  Our families, our jobs, our friends, even our pets all clamor for our attention.  While I am thankful I live a life where I am blessed in the abundance of love I am surrounded by, I have found it a challenge to balance all of their needs against my need for solitary creative endeavors.

Lately, my sister and I have been spit-balling an idea for a new project.  I admit I am not an entrepreneur at heart.  I am not a “take an idea and run with it” person.  I am a thinker, really an over-thinker.  I like to look at a new idea from all directions.  Really study it.  In minute detail.  All of this study takes time.  My sister is the rabbit, I am the hare.  It has been that way our entire lives.  We compliment each others strengths and weaknesses.

As I’ve sat with this new idea.  It has slowly gained in appeal to me.  I’ve never seen myself as an Artist.  My drawings were silly doodles I sent in letters home to my sister.  However, my sister is a visionary.  She sees potential.  It’s a skill I definitely lack.  I enjoy routine.  I crave the comfort of a well planned and executed day.  But there is a limit to that kind of life.  And I have been trying to be more spontaneous.  Risk something, anything.  See what happens.

So, stay tuned.  There’s a new project in the works.  We’ll see how it pans out.

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