My dad and I listen to a radio show in the morning on the way to work.  The other day one of the hosts invited a guest to talk about meditation.  What I enjoyed about his discussion was that it eschewed the normal conventions in explanation.  He explained that most people feel they’ve failed when they become distracted from keeping their mind “quiet”.  I have fallen into this category many times.

He went on to explain that the goal of meditation for him, isn’t to keep his mind quiet.  The goal was to identify his inner voice, using the distraction as the signpost, and learn to use it better.  When we eat when we aren’t hungry, or practice impatience we are heeding that inner voice, mindlessly.

Meditation is a way to identify that inner voice and use it to propel you into better behavior instead of it propelling you into bad habits.   I find this idea intriguing.  Silencing your inner voice isn’t the answer.  Training it to be less destructive is a much better option.

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