A picture is worth a thousand words…

These past few weeks I have been slowly revisiting a past hobby, photography.  It’s been a long time since I’ve felt anything like inspiration in this field.  But lately, it seems the creativity gods have been smiling down on me, blessing me with a little time and the desire to create again.

When you’re in the midst of trauma or abuse the desire to make something is non-existent.  You’re just trying to survive the day without too much damage, mentally or physically.  So I take it as a significant sign of healing that I am drawing and writing and seeing the world in a creative way again.

Creativity uses a specific part of your soul.  I think it’s one that, like a physical muscle, needs exercise to grow and develop.  I’m wondering if the many years of just surviving my life have made mine atrophy?  I wonder how long it will take to get it back?

Prioritizing time to write, or wander and think is vitally important to our well being.  It’s maybe one of the most important things that keeps you centered and balanced.  Unfortunately, it’s usually the first thing to go when our lives get busy.  And that does yourself and all who you come into contact with a disservice.

Creativity can be practiced in many different forms.  Creativity is what happens when you’ve learned the rudimentary basics of a subject, mastered the secondary and tertiary aspects of it and can then venture into bending it and shaping it to your individual will.  The subject can be anything, however, the mastery is required.

I learned this when I was practicing yoga.  Once you’ve mastered the basics it’s a wonderful way to physically explore your own internal truths.  All that sounds complicated, I promise you it isn’t.  It’s an area where there isn’t a right or a wrong way.  There’s just what feels right to you.  In a world where we are bombarded with someone else’s judgments, plagued with ethical and moral ambiguity, this space is somewhere you can just be.  A rare space indeed.


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