My New Year’s Resolution

We are inundated with ideas about who we should be, what success looks like, when life events should happen, and how we should show up each day.

Most of it is utter nonsense, because it’s not YOURS.

Make a goal to get to know yourself, your own rhythms, your desires, your joys, your boundaries, and let THAT guide your life, the life that is only yours to live.

The rest is just noise.

– Cory Muscara

It’s popular at the beginning of a new year to make “RESOLUTIONS” for the entire year. I usually don’t know what I’m having for dinner so for me to make a commitment for an entire year is not only daunting but probably unrealistic.

Often when asked, I am at a loss. And this year I realized it’s because I didn’t know what I wanted; from my partner, from my job, for my job, out of life. And that’s just sad. Running on auto-pilot is something we all do. There’s no reason to expend extra energy thinking about how to drive to work. Or how to make cereal for breakfast. But for something as important as the life you want to lead, that’s worth spending some time.

This year my resolution is to start thinking about what I want. How I want to spend my time, who I want to spend my time with, how I want to earn my living, how I want to give back.

It’s sadly become a cliché to say I want to live mindfully. But there’s something to be said for the kernel of truth it represents. Life happens, it’s true. Small decisions lead to places you never thought you’d be. But there’s always time to stop and think about who you want to be. And the decisions you need to make to get yourself back on track.

You only get one chance. Make it worth it.

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