Our lives are so busy even with the pandemic restrictions. We rush from work to grocery shop, squeeze in a workout, make dinner. Two days in this past two weeks I prioritized rest, quiet and stillness.

I woke up made some coffee and watched the snow fall. I refused to feel guilty as I watched someone in my neighborhood run endless, fast, loops around our 1/2 mile road. And something in my heart opened and soaked up the silence like rain on the sun baked, parched ground.

It was then I realized that not prioritizing rest was slowly harming me. It’s subtle and easy to overlook. We tend to prioritize action, movement, production. We are rewarded for getting things done. But at what cost?

I recently read a meme that stated, “My mental health changed when I stopped asking ‘why am I so lazy” and started asking “why does my body need more rest right now?’”.

I found some unexpected things changed with just 2 days of rest within 14 day period. My creativity increased, the tension in my body decreased. My mind was quieter and less overreactive to life. I was able to meet the world in a more generous way. With more space for it and myself.

I suggest you try it as well. It may take some communication with your partner or your children. But showing them the importance of rest is a lesson we all should learn. Let me know in the comments how it works out.

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