Coming home to myself

I feel like I am finally coming out of a 2 year hibernation of sorts. So many things were quiet inside me just waiting to come out. It all started a few months ago when my mother forwarded me an Instagram post about a new yoga studio opening up in my area. I’m not sure if she meant I might be interested in practicing there or teaching. But I applied thinking what the heck. I sent them my professional resume (not a yoga one because it didn’t exist). And suddenly I was making a practice audition video, interviewing with the owner on Zoom and being hired.

Last weekend I finished a 3 day intensive corporate training and met some of my fellow teachers, virtually. And just like that I am part of something new and exciting and creative. It’s such a blessing when all of a sudden you see yourself as something new. It’s like the lens inside myself has suddenly come into focus and I can see a future where I am fully utilizing all the experiences of my past, not just the professional ones but the personal ones as well.

So now I am listening to music with my ear and heart geared towards making a play list to play in my classes. I am thinking about yoga asana sequences and how to embrace all the students I will come to know. And it’s like my world has suddenly opened up to encompass more…just more. And I can feel my soul open up and soak it all in like a parched plant.

There are times to be quiet and contemplative and there are times for action. The last two years have been contemplative ones. Let’s see what comes of the time for action. I am so excited to get going on this journey.

3 responses to “Coming home to myself”

  1. Congratulations. I sincerely hope that this new road, that you have found yourself on, is full of pleasant surprises and proves to be the start of a very rewarding journey. All the very best. 🙂

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  2. Me too! I’m so excited to be going on this journey with you too! This studio opening has come at a pivotal point in my life. I’m inspired to become a yoga teacher and share my passion for yoga with the community. I’m so happy our paths have crossed.

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