Small changes

Our new yoga studio will be opening in a few weeks. The finishing touches are going on now. A sense of anticipation is growing among our teachers and I can’t help but be pulled into the whirlwind. It’s been a while since I’ve felt this amount of excitement and I realize that the last few months things have been a bit, well, meh.

Our typical Buffalo weather didn’t help. It feels like the last few months, maybe more like a year if I’m being honest my life was kind of muted and now it’s like someone turned up the vibrancy of the colors. It makes me kind of breathless but also I have sense of awe that one small choice can lead to a cascade effect of larger things in your life.

Yoga is like that. One small physical adjustment or change in your focus can create a whole new effect the pose has on your body and mind. And that for me is the point. The aesthetic of the pose really isn’t important. How it looks in my body is different than how it will look in someone else’s. But how it feels, what emotions it embodies, what change in yourself does it evoke, that’s what’s important.

And then you branch out and realize that one small change can open up a world of opportunity. I am on the cusp of that opportunity and I am thrilled to see where it goes.

What small change have you been contemplating? What’s holding you back from making it? Fear? It’s almost always fear. Asking yourself what’s the worst that can happen may be the wrong question. It’s tempting because the answers feel concrete and concrete answers lend an air of security. If we know it we can control it.

But what if you focus on what’s the best that can happen? The answers are unknowable because our opportunities are endless. And that can feel scary. Have courage. Be bold. Because you CAN do it. I will be here, waiting for you to come back and tell me how things went.

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