Old you, new you

“Make a habit of not holding someone’s past against them. When someone works hard to grow and change into a better person, allow them to show up as that person.” Jay Shetty (@theoraclereadsu)

Every once in a while the universe sends me personal messages. I always know because I feel it in my heart and hear it in my soul. Today was one of those days.

I have made many mistakes in my life. Most of them small, one real doozy. All of them have taught me humility, patience and eventually grace.

When we aren’t the person we want to be in both small ways and large you feel it. You feel shame, disappointment and sadness. Some of us get stuck there. We dwell on the mistake playing it over and over in our heads. Agonizing about our error.

I encourage you not to do that. The way out of that loop is action. Instead of being frozen in that moment move forward. There are many ways of doing that. If you were wrong, apologize. If you were hurtful, apologize. If you were inconsiderate, apologize. It is very uncomfortable. But that is an important part of the process. Be honest about the moment.

Now its up to the other person. They may accept your apology, they may not. That depends on many factors. How big was the mistake. How quickly did you apologize and try to made amends. How mature is the person you are apologizing to. But essentially it’s out of your hands. You’ll know more about the person you’re apologizing to by their reaction which is always a good thing. But for the most part you’ve done what you can.

Each time you do this you practice becoming a person of character, a person of integrity. And when someone else apologizes to you, you’ll recognize the hard work embedded in the moment because you’ve done that work yourself.

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