A letter from unconditional love

I recently listened to a pod cast where Elizabeth Gilbert was speaking about her spiritual practices. I’ve linked the pod cast below if you’d like to listen to it.

One thing struck me as so smart. She often writes a letter from God to herself. Which I know sounds kind of hokey but hear me out. She elaborates that she first meditates on who God is to her. First she’s always female and she always full of compassion and understanding and love. There’s no fire and brimstone for her.

So it’s kind of a letter from unconditional love to herself. I loved that. She advised think about if you were counseling a friend who you were very close to and loved deeply what would you say to them?

Now from that place of love and understanding write a letter to yourself. It’s a lovely starting place to begin to experience self acceptance and grace and kindness. We often are the hardest on ourselves.

What would our lives look like if we were treated ourselves with the same kindness and empathy that we treat our most treasured loved ones?

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