About Me

Born in Seoul, South Korea. Raised in Buffalo, NY.

Why choose my practice

There are so many different yoga teachers and studios to choose from these days. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. There are intense Ashtanga practices and relaxing Yin practices. I would say mine is right in the middle. I am trained in the Awakening Yoga style. I chose this style because its focus was the practice of yoga for every person, every body type, every level of flexibility.

The benefits of yoga are many, but you won’t enjoy them if you don’t practice. Often the hardest part of yoga is just getting on the mat. That is why my sole focus is to help YOU create the practice that YOU want. What are your goals? A certain pose, more flexibility, help with back pain, more mental resilience, increased sense of peace and stability? All of those things are achievable within your practice and I will absolutely help you get there.


200 Hr. Yoga Teacher Training Awakening Academy – Summer 2020

Informed Trauma Teacher Training – Anticipated Summer 2021

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