Our lives are so busy even with the pandemic restrictions. We rush from work to grocery shop, squeeze in a workout, make dinner. Two days in this past two weeks I prioritized rest, quiet and stillness. I woke up made some coffee and watched the snow fall. I refused to feel guilty as I watchedContinue reading “Resting”

Brand new

A few weekends ago I went to visit a friend who just had her first baby. He is a month old, cute as a button, with that new baby smell that someone needs to bottle and sell. She’s doing well, settling into new motherhood with a grace and good humor that I can’t help butContinue reading “Brand new”

The beauty of imperfection

I just finished reading this wonderful novel, Pachinko by Min Jin Lee. A historical novel following a Korean family through several generations. What makes this novel so special, are the female main characters. The male characters while colorfully drawn and important are somewhat ancillary to the main arc of the story. The novel follows theContinue reading “The beauty of imperfection”

New Years Resolutions Part Deux: Setting Boundaries

“When we feel anger, frustration, resentment, anxiety, depression – those are probably indicators that a boundary has been violated or that you feel uncomfortable about something.” – Nedra Glover Tawwab I am a people pleaser. Nothing makes me happier than when everyone in my inner circle is happy and fulfilled. Their lives be-bopping along inContinue reading “New Years Resolutions Part Deux: Setting Boundaries”


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About Me

Hi, I’m Alix. I’ve been practicing yoga for many years. In addtition to yoga I enjoy HIIT workouts, but not running, reading pretty much anything and archery.

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