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  • Be a beacon of hope

    I am a fan of mativational speaker Simon Sinek. His sister Sara suffered a tragic loss many years ago. His last podcast discussed of how they each experienced the tragedy and how she was able to move forward with a life of love and happiness and blessing. However, it was her reason for sharing something […]

  • Stillness and clarity

    I was scrolling though Instagram the other day and this popped up on my feed, “You want joy, pleasure, sweetness, love…and do you know how to receive it? Rest is a place of reception and as Dr. Gail Parker says, ‘a place where we learn to receive ourselves.’ When you deny yourself rest, you deny […]

  • Small changes

    Our new yoga studio will be opening in a few weeks. The finishing touches are going on now. A sense of anticipation is growing among our teachers and I can’t help but be pulled into the whirlwind. It’s been a while since I’ve felt this amount of excitement and I realize that the last few […]