Category: Personal

  • Coming home to myself

    I feel like I am finally coming out of a 2 year hibernation of sorts. So many things were quiet inside me just waiting to come out. It all started a few months ago when my mother forwarded me an Instagram post about a new yoga studio opening up in my area. I’m not sure […]

  • Resting

    Our lives are so busy even with the pandemic restrictions. We rush from work to grocery shop, squeeze in a workout, make dinner. Two days in this past two weeks I prioritized rest, quiet and stillness. I woke up made some coffee and watched the snow fall. I refused to feel guilty as I watched […]

  • Brand new

    A few weekends ago I went to visit a friend who just had her first baby. He is a month old, cute as a button, with that new baby smell that someone needs to bottle and sell. She’s doing well, settling into new motherhood with a grace and good humor that I can’t help but […]