I offer a wide range of classes which I will personally tailor to your unique physical structure and skill level.

Beginner Sun Salutation – Awakening Yoga Academy

Often flexibility limitations cause unnecessary challenges when performing this ritualistic flow. The Awakening Yoga style of Sun Salutations offers some modifications that enable the practitioner to perform each asana in a way that will create space in their bodies and ensure the safe and dynamic practice of this core ritualistic vinyasa for the whole life of the practitioner. This class breaks down the Sun Salutation A and B into foundational poses which we will perform as a flow at the end of class.

Yoga for Athletes

Whether you are into HIIT or distance running, Yoga for Athletes is the perfect pairing with your other fitness routines. Asana and flows specifically chosen to compliment more dynamic and intense workout routines. Each week we will focus on different areas of the body. For example: hip flexors and psoas both critically important muscle structures for running; shoulders and chest for those who want to dial in their pushup routines.

Flying Integration

Working on your arm balances? This class is for you. We will work on foundational asana to gain strength and most importantly stability in chaturanga and bakasana.

Yoga Drills

Working towards a particular pose (crow pose, eight angle pose, chatauranga)? This class will be formed as a set of workshops over a 4 week period. We will work with beginning foundational poses and work up to a fuller expression of each peak pose.

Yin Yoga

A restorative yoga class formulated with longer supported poses.

Class Format

I can teach class at your location or send a zoom link 5 minutes before class. Please specify which you would prefer in the notes section of the appointment form.

COVID 19 Precautions

In an abundance of caution, I do not provide props. Nor do I perform any hands on assists at this time.

I recommend each practitioner bring: yoga mat, yoga blocks, strap, bolster or blanket

If you do not have any props that’s no problem. We can structure the class around that as well.

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