Private Yoga Sessions

Looking to take your practice to the next level? Come practice with me!

One on One classes

One on One Class

1 hour class. Want an invigorating Power Yoga Class or a relaxing Yin Class. You choose and I will curate a class that is exactly what you’re looking for. $50 for 60 minutes.

Asana Tutorial

Want to learn more advanced arm balances? Or Bird of Paradise? This class will teach you simple asana progressions to build strength, flexibility and endurance to unlock any pose you wish to learn more deeply.

Yoga for Athletes

Are you a runner? Field Hockey player? Squash player? This class is for you. With a eye towards the specific movement patterns in each sport this class is designed to strengthen and cross train those movements.

Chair Yoga

This class utilizes a chair as a significant source of support in a variety of poses. Working on dancer? Take out the balance portion with a chair to find correct alignment and muscle activation. This class is customized to your experience level.

Small Group Class

Formulated for 2-6 people this class will give you and your friends or family one on one time with me. There’s lots of room for requests to make your practice your own with some professional guidance. $10 per person.

1 Hour Class


Small Group Class

For each person add $10


Other forms of payment:

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